2014 Submissions

Pheed House Song
Tre Baked Chipstep Song
Huggy Pandy Video Game Song
Nostalvia Funk Song
Avenge Satao World Song
Seal With A Hug Ambient Song
Pangolin (Instrumental) Miscellaneous Song
Spotlight Pop Song
In-ness & Outness House Song
When The Nerves Wake Back Dub Pop Song
Deep Saisho House Song
Hugging With Dolphin Chipstep Song
Kitty Hugs Bluegrass Song
Wavy Alien Ambient Song
Elephug Miscellaneous Song

2013 Submissions

Expressionist Chalkings Hip Hop - Modern Song
Happy Xmas Jesus Miscellaneous Song
Crisis Dance Song
In Each Mouth Industrial Song
Messed Up Indie Song
Nervo Techno Song
Tortle Miscellaneous Song
Marker Abandoned Techno Song
Hoppity Hi Dance Song
I'm Sorry Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Tomartyr Hip Hop - Olskool Song
From Drone Lab Ambient Song
Black Market Baby General Rock Song
Short Drop Drum N Bass Song
Hun Dread Drum N Bass Song
Lump N Experimental Song
Mirrorble Techno Song
Intake Out-take House Song
Blanks Drum N Bass Song
Zombie Wombie Drum N Bass Song
Foxy Hugs Funk Song
Loaned Hip Hop - Modern Song
Borrowed Pop Song
Foucaul Techno Song
Tampa Fluid Ounce Techno Song
Come On People House Song
Future Frog World Part 2 Drum N Bass Song
Hugfrog Miscellaneous Song
Sea Bear Miscellaneous Song
Hog Hugs Miscellaneous Song
Tickly Monkey Miscellaneous Song
Polar Panda Miscellaneous Song
Hug Hog Miscellaneous Song
Shonk Dance Song
Tea / Work Dance Song
Hedgemare Cinematic Song
Swiss Bypass New Wave Song
Seven Circles Ambient Song
Bakusan World Song
War Baubles Chipstep Song
Tiney Toney Pop Song
Tender Hooks Dance Song
Cisters House Song
Kick Kick Techno Song
Evening Easing Ambient Song
Transparent Sea Ambient Song
Yoko Bono World Song
Unintelligentsia House Song
Six Seasons Ambient Song
I Love You Me Part 2 Dance Song
Rotorey Video Game Song
Talis Ambient Song

2012 Submissions

Inside Shadow Ambient Song
Outside Shadow Ambient Song
The Fifth Cradle Ambient Song
Octo-meds Drum N Bass Song
Winter Malady Ambient Song
Module S. Podule New Wave Song
Paintsmith New Wave Song
Pushing Buttons House Song
Wake Up To A Smile New Wave Song
Tigautomata New Wave Song
Dimes New Wave Song
Fear Swirl Ambient Song
Tickly In The Armpit Hole Miscellaneous Song
Solatido Miscellaneous Song
12 Tone Classical Song
Nyngnyng Miscellaneous Song
Mesh Being Techno Song
Tyson v Bruno ii House Song
Fossil Fuelled Techno Song
Bright Colored Cellophane Ambient Song
Hard Pan Alley Ambient Song
Usuk House Song
3 Fingers Funk Song
Don't Be Beat Dance Song
Flux Flummox Dance Song
Tyson v Bruno i Techno Song
Pyre-lit Steppe Ambient Song
Question Y House Song
Daily Grind New Wave Song
Mudskippers Dubstep Song
Bright Secret Ambient Song
Backwards Rush Drum N Bass Song
Post-train Drum N Bass Song
I Miss The Sad Times New Wave Song
Said "in the hand" Hip Hop - Modern Song
Diamond Desert Ambient Song
Trapezoid House Song
Discness Ambient Song
Baby Naming Ceremony Goth Song
Dark Mule New Wave Song
Boating Pond Story Part 2 Ambient Song
Boating Pond Story Pop Song
Utiny Pop Song
Trash The Gaff New Wave Song
Soup 99 Extract Remix Industrial Song
Bits Bobs Bytes Pop Song
Windshield Viper Video Game Song
Kicking Bubbles Pop Song
Hooper New Wave Song
Ring Up The Changes Ambient Song
Gong Massage Ambient Song
It's A Set Up New Wave Song
Unease Application Ambient Song
Secret Admirer Industrial Song
Commodore Clock House Song
Glue Spider Industrial Song
Cry Eat Dance Dubstep Song
Lucifer's Wisdom Teeth Heavy Metal Song
Stupid Stupid Hip Hop - Modern Song
Do the whirlwind Dubstep Song
Are Un-bee Hip Hop - Modern Song
C-Slanty Techno Song
Obsolettuce Dubstep Song
Elfin Architecture Video Game Song
Dead Pebble Ambient Song
Sun Swell Ambient Song
Spring Equinox Ambient Song
Humbug Hubbub New Wave Song
Comet Vomit Funk Song
Glassed Ambient Song
Got That Good Sensation Pop Song
Turn Up The Feeling Pop Song
Ego-central Instrumental Funk Song
Squiggle & Bash Pop Song
Isness Ambient Song
Bubble City Beat Techno Song
Bubble City Blues House Song
Fetish Pig Video Game Song
My Window (Instrumental) Pop Song
Grim Satisfaction Heavy Metal Song
Coach Fumes Pop Song
My Work Is Done Here Now Pop Song
Bovine Feline Canine Feminine Punk Song
Laws Are Wrong New Wave Song
Superbrain General Rock Song
Bubble City Techno Song
Saws Are Wrong New Wave Song
Brick Music Ambient Song
I Just Want An Easy Life General Rock Song
Eternal Fanfare Video Game Song
You May Well Laugh Industrial Song
Letter E Number 1 New Wave Song
Poppetry Funk Song
AEO part E Trance Song
AEO part A Trance Song
Fuzz'd Ub Dubstep Song
Biplane Battle New Wave Song
"Do Do Dwee" Pop Song
Don't Touch Anything Ambient Song
She Sees Colours Pop Song
Hovercraft Up The Ganges Trance Song
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Ambient Song
Drum Machine (Instrumental) House Song
Organ In A Jar House Song
Breaker 119 Hip Hop - Modern Song
Superbrain (Instrumental) New Wave Song
It's Not Too Late... Techno Song
Sleigh Ride Video Game Song
Turn Up The Fun New Wave Song
Hot Girl Pop Song
The Friendly Baker Pop Song
Nippon Gakki Beat Hip Hop - Modern Song
Laser Malfunktion Funk Song
Skavenger Hip Hop - Modern Song
Dystopiates Industrial Song
In Quarantine New Wave Song
Gay Africa House Song
Put It On Me Hip Hop - Modern Song
Goat Cheese Hip Hop - Olskool Song
When The Trains Stop New Wave Song
Tonka Honk New Wave Song
Choking On Happiness New Wave Song
The Shake Pop Song
Snoozy Time Ambient Song
Sunny Day Happy Face Video Game Song
Stressing The Grid House Song
So Neglected Pop Song
Magical Grotto New Wave Song
No Place Industrial Song
One Chord Rock New Wave Song
Shake The Bug Pop Song
Protest March Techno Song
Ski Mask Video Game Song
Run Interference Hip Hop - Modern Song
This Is The Bounce Hip Hop - Modern Song
Age Of Insouciance Funk Song
Slo Mo Blast Off Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Toy Helicopter Pop Song
Heavy Keys New Wave Song
Breasts Wet House Song
Serious Business Industrial Song
Non Stick Pop Song
Tropical Bedsit Ska Song
Piano Tune House Song
Mischeef Funk Song
Future Frog World Drum N Bass Song
Spindly Ambient Song
Taos Hum Ambient Song
Jailhouse Rap Video Game Song
Light Beam Ambient Song
Hell's Scrap Yard Industrial Song
Bass Cracks Dubstep Song
Hot Slow Citiscape Ambient Song
Microflight Trance Song
ZX Spectrum+RAM Music Machine Techno Song
Nighttime Ambience Ambient Song
The Lonely TX81Z Techno Song
Somebody Anybody Everybody House Song
Robot Hair House Song
Huge Beat Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Baby Avatar Video Game Song
Blue Drone Ambient Song
Jungle Pursuit Drum N Bass Song
Dating Service Jingle Voice Demo Song
Chakra Gun Pop Song
In Stasis Ambient Song
Grungey Theme Punk Song
Undersea Ambience Ambient Song
Shiny Boulders Video Game Song
Synthesizer Fanfare Classical Song
Brush Guitars Ambient Song
Dolly Plays Tabla Video Game Song
Musical Dew Ambient Song
Fondant Fluff Pop Song
Afro Banjo Pop Song
Magic Spinkles Ambient Song
Telegramophone Ambient Song
Congested Street Beat Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Spring Sprite Video Game Song
Nano Beasts Video Game Song
Indie Theme New Wave Song
Scambling Eggs Video Game Song